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Formally one half of the ownership of Melon Patch Gaming, Curtiss "Wooz" Woosley is one of four Final Form Entertainment Owners, holding the role Chief Administration Officer. Previously the acting CEO and head of content/community at MPG, Curtiss oversees the growth and development of the FFE community, primarily in the organizations official discord and Facebook group. Founding MPG in July of 2020, Curtiss built the foundation from his streaming community, previously on the now closed Mixer platform. Centering his community around the melon-themed items in Rocket League, his community's attachment to the watermelon birthed an odd, yet unique gaming organization. After retiring from content, Curtiss turned his full attention to the growth and development of MPG in the esports and gaming industry. 

When asked about the strength of the Final Form community, Curtiss had this to say;

"I believe a tight-nit community is the foundation for which esports was built on and the future of what all successful organizations will be built on. With that philosophy instilled within our organization from the start I believe Final Form is leading the way on what a community of fans is supposed to look like within the industry."

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Formally one half of the ownership of Melon Patch Gaming, Davis "Volts" Barlow is one of four Final Form Entertainment Owners, holding the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Previously the acting COO and Esports Director at MPG, Davis fills a similar role at FFE, overseeing the Esports and Financial departments for the organization. Entering Esports in May of 2020 as an Esports Caster, Davis brings RLCS level experience in the field of casting, in-depth knowledge of the esports industry as a whole, as well as outside business skills. Attending Piedmont University, Davis played 3 years of collegiate level baseball before retiring to work in Sports Information. Graduating from Piedmont University in the spring of 2021, Davis holds a bachelor's degree in Sports Communications and has previous experience calling semi-professional soccer in the Atlanta, Ga. area.

When asked about the future of Final Form, Davis had this to say;

"The combined resources and knowledge of the three organizations that have come together to form Final Form is unparalleled. Add in the work ethic that not only the Owners have, but the FFE staff has, and you have the makings of a Tier 1 organization in the future."


Formally the Owner of Empyre Esports, Ryan "GGFyre" Kibbe is one of four Final Form Entertainment Owners, holding the role of Chief Content Officer (CCO).  While running Empyre, he oversaw the successful growth of the organization from its founding in December 2019. During his time as Owner, Ryan successfully ran his organization to produce both quality content as well as competing at the semiprofessional level in multiple esports. As CCO, he brings intimate knowledge of the world of content creation and a brilliant understanding of the esports scene. As a full time content creator, streaming on the Facebook Gaming platform, Ryan is the longest standing rocket league creator to be active on the platform and boasts a unique and loyal community.


When asked about the future of Final Form, Ryan had this to say;

"After years of holding my own content to a standard of professionalism and staying true to who I am, I intend to apply the same tactics to the content of FFE. Our content represents what we stand for as an organization and can be related to by millions of people both gamers and non-gamers alike."

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Formally the Owner of Short Circuit Gaming, Christian "Mango" Collom is one of four Final Form Entertainment Owners, holding the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). While running SCG, Christian developed the organization into a unique and identifiable brand in the esports industry while competing on both the semiprofessional and professional level of multiple esports. Having experience in marketing and organization through his work in esports, he brings untradable experience to FFE at a professional level.


Entering esports after leaving the United States Marine Corp in March 2020, Christian oversees the marketing of all three parts of the FFE brand (Esports, Lifestlye and Health) and assists in the financial oversight of the business. 

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