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Joining the former org of Melon Patch Gaming, the core of the now FFE Valorant roster consists of PapiCam, Zamal and Tommy, who are joined by newcomers XnB and Joey. Forming the current roster in December of 2022, the team has quickly grown into a reputable name in the T2 scene of North America, with notable wins over strong opponents.

Zamal | Duelist/Entry - The young Canadian spends most of his free time in aim trainers, holding multiple world records. His aim training skills certainly translate over to the competitions.

PapiCam | Flash Initiator/Flex - A human highlight reel, PapiCam brings veteran experience as the oldest member of the FFE squad. Also known as DaddyCam by Twitch Chat.

Joey | Info Initiator/IGL - One of the newest members of the team, Joey is tasked with being the brains of the team. His strategies ultimately lead the team to the right or wrong decisions.

XnB | Controller/Smokes - Formally one of the youngest Fortnite pros, XnB has now set his sights on becoming a Valorant pro. Despite being the youngest member of the team, his experience at the top level of esports has certainly translated over.

Tommy | Sentinel - Experienced in all roles, Tommy has been a staple of the FFE rosters, covering multiple roles during his time with the organization. 

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